Data Analytics for Utilities | Detailed Agenda

Last Update: Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

DAY ONE Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

Daniel Gent

Daniel Gent,

Director of Analytics,

Canadian Electricity Association

8:30 AM

Keynote Address

Thriving in the Big Data Explosion – Capture Value for Your Business and Stakeholders with Breakthrough Analytics

The utility industry has never had such a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the analytics value space as it does with the recent big data explosion. Enable your organization to enhance customer service while simultaneously improving efficiency and operations. Source breakthrough ideas to:

  • Evolve operations, regulatory relationships and customer service
  • Seize opportunities to generate value for customers and employees
  • Emulate successful tactics deployed by major players

Comprehend the value proposition of analytics and hone your competitive edge.

Joel Austin

Joel Austin,

Vice President & Chief Information Officer,


9:15 AM

Case Study: Hydro One

Catalyze Business Transformation through a Holistic Approach to Data Analysis

Share Hydro One's 5-year journey to transform its technology, finance and customer operations with a new CIS system going live mid-2013. Use data analytics to streamline your operations, workforce, and asset management. Acquire key lessons to:

  • Increase reliability and efficiency through advanced distribution
  • Better predictive analytics and exception management
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and resolve delays in the meter-to-cash cycle
  • Enhance customer service and workforce management

Holistically transform your business to improve operations and benefit your customers.

Lincoln Frost-Hunt

Lincoln Frost-Hunt,

Director, Enterprise IT,

Hydro One

10:00 AM

Mid-Morning Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

10:30 AM

Case Study: Hydro-Québec / Operational Efficiency

Deliver Operational Excellence through Data Mining and Applied Analysis

Data analytics is crucial to Hydro-Québec's operational excellence as the largest North American power generator and electric utility in Canada. Attain strategies to improve theft identification, network analysis and validation for your organization. Develop a framework to:

  • Integrate data access, visualization and analysis
  • Map data models to business operations and processes
  • Overcome challenges related to big data and analytics
  • Implement data analytics tools and drive results

Discover opportunities to use data to maximize your operational efficiency.

Mathieu Viau

Mathieu Viau,


Hydro-Québec Institut de Recherché

11:15 AM

Government Panel

Navigate the Regulatory and Policy Landscape for Utilities' Big Data in Canada

Join a panel of regulators to discuss opportunities and challenges in utilities big data. Take away guidelines to improve your reporting and compliance. Clarify the information policymakers' are looking for and what roles data play in decision-making processes.

  • Update on policy developments and benchmarking initiatives
  • Meet expectations for regulatory audits and transparent reporting
  • Address privacy and security concerns for big data
  • Understand boundaries for using customer data – what is allowed?

Improve collaboration and ensure compliance with a better understanding of your obligations.

Alanna Gillis

Alanna Gillis,

Director, Performance Monitoring, Conduct and Compliance,

British Columbia Utilities Commission

Usman Syed

Usman Syed,

Senior Manager of Smart Grid and Network Policy,

Ontario Ministry of Energy

12:00 PM

Spotlight: Newcomp

Exploring Best Practices in Business Analytics for the Canadian Utility Sector

Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson,

Practice Lead & Client Engagement Manager - Performance Management,


12:10 PM

Networking Luncheon

Join conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:15 PM

Case Study: Seattle City Light (SCL) / Grid Optimization

Transform Data into the Foundation for a Smarter Grid to Improve Efficiency, Reliability, and Security

As one of the largest US public electric utilities, SCL has significantly advanced its energy delivery and distribution systems. Refine your network control and management with big data. Realize how to aggregate intelligence from SCADA, OMS, ODS and AMI systems to support grid modernization. Deploy analytics to:

  • Upgrade grid architecture to minimize outages and better network reliability
  • Boost efficiency with automation, monitoring devices and RTUs
  • Optimize power flow to reduce distribution losses and energy consumption
  • Amplify capacity, manage distributed loads and microgeneration

Integrate your critical systems for a smarter grid with data analytics.

Michael Pesin

Michael Pesin,

Chief Technology Advisor & Smart Grid Architect,

Seattle City Light

2:00 PM

Industry Expert: Operational Analytics

How to Increase System Performance using Utility Operational Analytics

Realize how utilities are using new analytics applications to reduce risks and control costs. Optimize your overall operations by combining multiple data sources such as OMS, DMS, AMI, SCADA, GIS, Asset Management, Weather, and Customer Systems. Take away best practices on information architecture, including cloud-based services. Achieve improvements in:

  • Demand generation forecasting and loading analysis
  • System loss prevention and theft detection
  • Quality control and network connectivity
  • Risk assessment, investment planning and funding prioritization

Maximize your operations with new data analytic applications.

Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams,

Vice President, Industry Strategy,

Oracle Utilities

2:45 PM

Mid-Afternoon Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

3:15 PM

Best Practices: Asset Planning & Management

Manage Risks, Ensure Safety and Better Investments with Proactive Asset Management

Leading utilities are using asset management to prevent major incidents, optimize systems, and focus capital expenditure. Devise a risk-based approach to calibrate your asset performance and optimize long-term planning. Dive into practical tips to:

  • Develop asset failure probability models to manage impacts
  • Determine utilization and replace aging infrastructure on a need-to basis
  • Analyze asset condition to improve system health and equipment lifespan
  • Prioritize capital projects and maintenance to minimize costs

Increase the longevity of your assets; avoid costly incidents and service interruptions.

Matthew McGrath

Matthew McGrath,

Distribution Engineer, Assets & Planning,

Hydro Ottawa

Dana Johnston,

Project Director, Infrastructure Program Development,


4:30 PM

Analytics 2.0

A New Paradigm for Utilities to Enhance Strategic Corporate Performance

New technologies have increased analytic insights within each utility business line. Adopt new analytical approaches in customer behavior modeling, asset failure predictions, infrastructure optimization, storm management, and enterprise forecasting. Share information between these disparate areas to:

  • Benefit from connected enterprise models
  • Empower data-driven decisions
  • Expand your analytical user base
  • Optimize assets, network management and customer service

Achieve your enterprise analytic goals by reconsidering opportunities throughout the business.

Charlie Sanchez

Charlie Sanchez,

Senior Industry Consultant, Energy Management,


5:15 PM

Conference Adjourns to Day Two

5:30 PM

Evening Social Activities

Network with industry leaders while enjoying some of the best Toronto has to offer. Start by joining fellow delegates and speakers for complimentary appetizers.


DAY TWO Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

7:45 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM

Opening Comments From the Chair

Daniel Gent

Daniel Gent,

Director of Analytics,

Canadian Electricity Association

8:30 AM

Case Study: United Illuminating (UI) / Continuous Improvement

Capitalize on Data to Strengthen Revenue Protection, Reliability and Outage Response

Working in a de-regulated market since 1998, UI embraced big data to monitor, measure, and manage corporate performance. Improve your customer service and electric system operations by incorporating foundational technologies. Hear how this enabled UI to weather major storms Sandy and Irene, and recover over $40 million in revenue. Implement solutions to:

  • Protect revenue loss against theft and tampering
  • Enhance service and operations through Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Expedite outage restoration and stakeholder communications through OMS, automatic vehicle location (AVL) and AMI integration
  • Support mobile workforce management

Empower strategic improvements to safeguard your revenue and reduce outages.

Vincent Lazzaro

Vincent Lazzaro,

Senior Project Manager, Corporate Projects,

The United Illuminating Company

9:15 AM

Case Study: NB Power

Develop a Big Data Roadmap to Minimize Costs and Improve Conservation

NB Power has embarked on a $150 million initiative to save 630 megawatts of electricity over 25 years. Explore how this data driven 10-year energy roadmap will translate into a billion dollars in savings. Propel your conservation efforts and reduce impact on your grid. Construct a blueprint to:

  • Improve demand response and conservation
  • Avoid or defer future generation costs
  • Drive ROI on financial and system investments
  • Distill insights from self-service channels

Foster conservation and generate long-term cost savings for your utility.

Bradley Wasson

Bradley Wasson,

Project Director – Shift Demand and Reduction,

NB Power

10:00 AM

Mid-Morning Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

10:30 AM

Keynote Address

Utilize Data Analytics to Navigate a Diverse and Distributed Utility Environment

Utilities have barely scratched the surface of data analytics. As capabilities remain largely untapped, understand emerging approaches you can use to operationalize and commercialize big data. Gain resolution into the past, present, and future of analytics. Implement strategies to:

  • Deliver customer experience excellence
  • Strengthen interoperability and reliability
  • Manage outages and optimize asset management

Examine the evolution of big data, adapt analytics to support your organization's growth.

John Di Stasio

John Di Stasio,

General Manager & CEO,

Sacramento Municipal Utility District / SMUD

11:15 AM

Best Practices: Customer Analytics

Leverage Analytics to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Unlock Revenue Opportunities

With the advent of big data, initiatives like the Green Button are gaining momentum with major utilities. Hear firsthand from innovators on analytical tools to better your customer engagement and revenue generation. Develop techniques to:

  • Mine insights for business growth and increase retention
  • Enhance customer segmentation and target marketing
  • Improve customer buy-in and manage energy consumption
  • Correlate cross channel data to transform user experience

Improve your business model and customer interactions with big data.

Gerry Moore

Gerry Moore,

Senior Manager / Architect, Data Services,

TXU Energy

John Di Stasio

John Di Stasio,

General Manager & CEO,

Sacramento Municipal Utility District / SMUD

Roque Marinho

Roque Marinho,

Former Director of Business Intelligence,

Cobb EMC

12:15 PM

Networking Luncheon

Join conference speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.

1:30 PM

Exclusive Update: IESO Canada / MDM/R

Tapping into the Value of Ontario's Central Smart Meter Data Repository

The province's smart meter data repository, MDM/R, processes data from 4.6 million smart meters throughout Ontario and is the largest implemented worldwide. Overseeing the MDM/R, the IESO provides 71 local utilities with meter data access and management services. Hear the status of IESO's current initiatives and learn what else is on the horizon:

  • Enable and support evolving data access needs
  • Upgrade and refresh MDR/R data infrastructure
  • Unlock the power of big data for smart grid optimization efforts
  • Understand what role third-parties will play in accessing meter data

Get updates from the IESO on the current MDM/R initiatives and what they mean for you.

Przemek Tomczak

Przemek Tomczak,

Director, Smart Metering,

Independent Electricity System Operator

2:15 PM

Case Study: Cobb EMC / BI & Interoperability

Generate Actionable Business Intelligence by Building an Interoperable Analytics Platform

Serving 196,000 residential and commercial customers, Cobb EMC has developed a common sense approach to data interoperability and analytics. Transcend your organization silos and produce actionable insights. Establish an enterprise business intelligence framework to normalize, verify and correlate big data. Recognize how to:

  • Integrate disparate data sources and legacy systems
  • Design critical system dashboards for data visualization
  • Monitor efficiencies of communication streams to identify areas of improvement
  • Structure workflows and incentives to optimize big data

Devise a business intelligence platform to enhance interoperability and benefit your utility.

Roque Marinho

Roque Marinho,

Former Director of Business Intelligence,

Cobb EMC

3:00 PM

Mid-Afternoon Networking Break

Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees.

3:15 PM

Open Forum

Delivering Conference Tangibles: Summary Recommendations and the Road Ahead

Stay for the opportunity to pose burning questions to your peers. As a collective think-tank, the audience will debate ideas, hot issues and solutions from the past two days. Create a concrete list of recommendations for your organization as a take-away.

3:45 PM

Conference Adjourns




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